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Easymoshi is the UK’s number 1 Chinese-language media brand. 

We publish the first and only monthly printed lifestyle magazine for the UK’s 140,000+ Chinese under-25s, distributing 25,000 copies across 10 cities each month and communicating directly to over 72,000 digital subscribers.

Written exclusively by experienced Chinese journalists, Easymoshi is packed with insightful features, big-name interviews and regular opinion pieces on style and culture, as well as advice on how our Chinese readers can get the most out of their time on our shores.

As it approaches its sixth year, Easymoshi has established itself firmly as the indispensable guide to life in the UK for its young, progressive and high-spending Chinese-speaking population, and offers a unique, direct route to market for astute brands who want to engage them.

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Some statistics

  • There are in excess of 140,000 Chinese-speaking people studying in UK universities.
  • This figure has seen a 7% year-on-year rise and is predicted to spike in 2018-2020 due to universities increasingly targeting non-EU enrolment post-Brexit.
  • Chinese students spend, on average, £2,450 each month, after accommodation expenses.
  • Chinese-speaking students are estimated to contribute at least £8-10 billion a year to the UK economy.

Print distribution

We distribute 25,000 printed copies of our publication each month (our estimated monthly readership is 62,500), targeting popular venues frequented by young Chinese people as well as Chinese-heavy student accommodation blocks nationwide.

At key times of the year we supplement our distribution via on-street promotion, and we regularly attend a number of events across the UK and attend a variety of conferences and exhibitions where we can engage with our loyal readership face-to-face.

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For all advertising and promotional enquiries, please contact us.


Our brand new website was launched in October 2017, helping us to further cement our bond with our readers. It’s undergone a complete design overhaul, bringing it more in line with our recently revamped print publication, and houses even richer, more immersive content and more prominent advertising opportunities.

Our Chinese social media posts also land on more than 72,000 mobile phones, with each post averaging around 5,000 views.

For all advertising and promotional enquiries, please contact us.

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